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VW Transporter T3 fuel tank replacement

VW Transporter T3 Fuel Tank

While working under my VW Transporter T3 fuel tank I unintentionally scratched it with the zip of my jacket.
Then I could smell fuel and saw a drop under the tank.
I touched it wondering where it came from and it started to drop more and more…
Ok… so under the dirt it was clear that my tank was leaking and that I had to replace it.

I bought a new tank (probably from China) from Ebay in Germany for around 120 Chf with shipping.

Good to know:
The filler diameter is different between -1984 and 1984+ models.

Replacing the tank is not that hard.
I did it on my parking lot. It should be much easier on a lift tho.

Here are links to good how-to replace VW Vanagon Fuel Tank:

(Click on the title to watch it on youtube)


Here you can see the leak under my VW Transporter T3 fuel tank:

This is the new tank with under-body seal:

Here is a drawing of the Volkswagen Transporter fuel tank hoses:

And here are some useful links on howto replace your VW Vanagon fuel tank and other info:

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