VW Transporter T3 Oil Pressure Problem

VW Transporter T3 Oil Pressure Problem

When I bought my Transporter I was quickly surprised by the terrific noise of the buzzer of death!
The previous owner told me that his mechanic checked the oil pressure and confirmed all was ok.

First, check the two senders on the engine.
They are cheap parts so it's a good idea to replace them.
There is a .3 bars sender on the left side of the engine between the pushrods. It monitors the oil pressure below 2000rpm (at idle).
The other sender is located at the back of the engine and it monitors the oil pressure over 2000rpm.

I bought a cheap pressure tester on ebay that looks like this:
VW Transporter T3 oil pressure tester

This is the result checking the oil pressure at idle with a warm engine...
vw transporter t3 pression huile

1986 and later water cooled (WBX) VW Transporter T3 have two oil pressure sending units (they only have one before 1986).

How to troubleshoot the Vanagon oil pressure buzzer

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